setembro 11, 2013

The Illusion of Control

chance is the ruler of all
we all love to think we are in control
we all love to think our decisions actually matter
newsflash! they dont matter
how many good, smart, capable people have made good choices but are not in a good situation?
how many lame, stupid, useless people have made lousy choices and are in a good situation?
the illusion of control....
we all live in "a brave new world", only with broader/ overlapping casts 
alphas ranging from alpha to gamma, but a cast nonetheless
ah! the great examples: Jobs, Gates.... 
outliers!!! statistically expected cases
no great decision would have made Jobs the Jobs we all know had he not been given to adoption
no great Gates would exist if he had been born a few years before or after
control? an illusion
chance! a fact.... a sequential never ending combination of facts
simply chaos and the butterfly effect in action
and we still pat ourselves on the back
and think so highly of our decisions
silly us
silly self centered us

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