fevereiro 21, 2012

"How your HR practices can jeopardize your tone at the top" an Article published on SCCE's Compliance & Ethics Professional publication

Usually when we read an article about practices that go against the ethics and compliance framework, we see examples coming from marketing and sales and finance departments. But what about other departments? Are they immune to non-compliance? Of course they are not. Why are we not reading more about non-compliance in other departments? Is it because it is easier for us to write about old or well-known examples? Or, is it because we fear to unveil the fact that many companies allow for unethical practices when those are deemed to be for a greater good (like making war to bring peace)?

I don’t plan to discuss the corporate ethics, for this is too complicated a subject for a small article. But, there are some HR practices that could undermine all your ethics and compliance efforts.

Practice 1: Performing background checks on future employees without their consent
Practice 2: Rewarding good results that are achieved with poor ethics and compliance practices
Practice 3: Creating a parallel control for your outstanding vacation days

Enjoy reading the article  here in this Google Docs link
(the article was originally published on the 04/2011 edition of SCCE's C&EP)